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Childbirth Prep Intensive

There is a maximum of 2-3 couples and meets from 12-5pm. I teach this class from my home. Please contact me for future dates at to reserve your spot in class. The total cost for the intensive ONE DAY class is: $150 per couple.

I believe it is advantageous to take a comprehensive birth class that meets over the course of a few weeks or more. However, I recognize that life circumstances may get in the way of doing so for many expectant families. To meet the needs of these families, I offer our Childbirth Prep Intensive, held on one Saturday or Sunday afternoon. In this five-hour class, I will provide an overview of the stages of labor, what to expect when birthing in the hospital with regards to common protocols and interventions, and have a short labor practice where you would learn and practice personal coping mindsets and techniques for any type of labor, as well as crucial partner support tools. This includes breathing techniques, relaxation, massage, positioning, and how your partner can help!