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I am a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor
Independent Distributer #1592417

As a doula and childbirth educator, I have worked with LOTS of different brands of essential oils. In my searching, I have found only one company that makes the only essential oils I will use with clients from now on. Young Living Essential Oils are of the highest quality you can find ANYWHERE. Not only are they in my doula bag, but I now use them for all kinds of preventative measures, treatments for common ailments, to kill airborne germs and viruses, to clean my home, and even just to lift my spirits and renew my energy levels! 


Young Living Advantage

No other essential oil company on the market today can make the claim that Young Living can in that they really do provide Seed to Seal quality.  This means they plant the seeds on their own farms, cultivate their own plants, distill their own oils, test their oils for quality assurance (as well as send them out for independent testing), and finally seal their own bottles.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the blood of the plant that transport nutrients & is very alive, very aromatic, and highly concentrated. Once called aromatic oils (hence the term aromatherapy), they have been used by many cultures around the world for centuries. Their uses varied between cultures from religious purposes to healing the sick. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when essential oils gained notoriety as effective healing agents, but eventually the knowledge of essential oils spread around the globe. The earliest evidence of human knowledge of the healing properties of plants was found in Lascaux, located in the Dordogne region in France. There, cave paintings suggest the use of medicinal plants in every day life that have been carbon dated as far back as 18,000 B.C.E.

How to Order the Oils?

You can't buy Young Living essential oils or any of their other products in stores. Why? To save you money. It costs a lot of money to market products and to get them onto store shelves. Young Living would rather pay their distributors who really love their products than pay big corporations. Anyone can be a distributor. The only requirements are that you use the oils and you love the oils. There are never any obligations to sell anything, ever. As a distributor (#1592417), I share this information because I want other people to experience the life changing benefits that come from really using these products to replace what I was already using but now my options are safe & 100% natural. 

Want to know how to order your own oils?  

I can order them for you OR you can sign up yourself as a Wholesale Member when you purchase the Premium Starter Kit HERE and begin immediately saving 24% off retail prices for life! What is in the Premium Starter kit?  Everything you will need to get started.

I also teach workshops on how to use essemtial oils. Contact me if you are interested in hosting a workshop in your home. These are fun & engaging opportunities to expand your own skill set and knowledge base!

BONUS OPPORTUNITY!!! If you are a client of mine (past or present) and you order a Premium Starter Kit, I will gift you with the book, "Gentle Babies," that empowers with information on how to use essential oils safely with your children.