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Lavender Victorine is finally here! She was born into my arms at home on January 4th, 2013. I am over the moon in love with my little girl. She is beautiful and healthy! I am still teaching childbirth education, offering placenta encapsulation services, and TENS rentals so please feel free to contact me about any of these services!!

I love encapsulating placentas! Please know I am available to provide this service regardless of my new addition!


I am happy to announce I've started a new business on the side! I'm selling the Best Deodorant Ever!! Pregnant Mamas especially need to ditch the aluminum!


* I am now offering Placenta Encapsulation! The postpartum Mama's happy pills! Placenta Tintures in 4oz sizes are now available as well as 2oz Placenta Balms!


Elle TENS Units now available to rent!!!  Please contact me to rent the BEST TENS unit available to laboring women (direct from the UK).  Only $75!!  Probably the best labor tool I've ever used with laboring women.  


* HypnoBirthing classes (private or group) are available, please contact me to begin a series if you are interested.  These classes are taught in multiple locations.


* I am also offering Birth Doula Services (about 1 birth/month). Please email or call to set up a free consultation with me.